AC Power line FM Wireless intercom circuit schematic diagram for sale HOME

Sl.No. Model description Cost USD Download
  • 1
AC Power line fm wireless intercom Block diagram Free Yes
  • 2
Push to talk model Schematic diagram including components value without PCB drawing 25.00
  • 3
Push to talk model Schematic diagram including components value with PCB drawing, Working explanation 100.00
  • 4
Duplex model (no push to talk) Schematic circuit diagram including components value without PCB drawing 150.00
  • 5
Duplex model (no push to talk) schematic circuit diagram including components value with PCB drawing and working explanation 300.00
  • 6
Latest schematic circuit diagram including components value with PCB drawing, working explanation, Range up to 2KM , ON board SMPS power supply 60~250V AC or DC full details with one year technical support for start a production unit 15,000.00
  • 7
KIT of full duplex AC Power line fm wireless intercom with on board SMPS power supply  (one pair assembled tested kit without cabinet/case and circuit) 48.00

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Working models..

Two station wireless Intercom

Wireless Intercom Call Transferring

WirelessIntercom Call Dialing

Master slave intercom upto 1000 lines

Wireless Multi Channel Intercom new

Wireless EPABX
Wireless Apartment Door Phone
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Fm wireless intercoms are also called Mains power intercom, household power intercom, household electricity circuit intercom, domestic power intercom, wall power intercom, line power intercom, AC power intercom, hotline wireless interphone or grid power intercom AC Power line FM Wireless intercom circuit schematic diagram

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Two station wireless Intercom / Wireless Intercom Call Transferring / Master slave intercom upto 1000 lines . Wireless Multi Channel Intercom new

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