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New Release!!! Wireless EPABX, Wireless Multi Channel Intercom systems ISM1600H4:

We are introducing wireless, ISM BAND 900Mhz Wireless Intercom systems, which works in world open band. It is just like an ordinary Land phone but do not require any SIM card or subscription or rental. And do not require any mobile tower / central exchange / PBX box /Router/ central box. But it will simply work as a private WLL network. Expandable up to 1000 phone any time. Also compactable with our 900Mhz Mobile wireless intercom model ISM1600H3. You can dial and communicate between intercom or our ISM1600H3 Mobile wireless intercom up to 1000 extensions. No need any Installation, Just plug to your 90~250V Power outlet and use. Each of the phone will have dialing facility of numbers like 1~ 999999999 (up to 9 digit). It works just like normal Land telephone. And also you can change/program the numbers as your requirement. Hear the dial tone by lifting the handset and dial required intercom number. Then you can hear the ring back tone, only if the dialed number is ringing and when the person Lifting handset or press "Green" button (Talk) (If mobile model ISM1600H3) you can communicate each other. Or you can interrupt/stop ring from your handset and speak directly to receiver mobile handset via speaker phone. This mobile handset model wireless intercom is using Encrypted Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology. Hence it has super Anti-Jamming capability and also that nobody can't tap your conversation. It is also possible for 250 people to communicate at a time without any cross taking or mingling. It has a Range of about 300m~1000m without any cabling. 5000m range with Yagi Antenna. Broadcasting facility also available for School /College application. Then principal can toggle Ring or broadcast his announcement to all class room or some selective class room at a time wirelessly.

Ideal for :
Hotels,Villas Apartments, Apartment flats, Multistory house, Multistory Building, Lodges, Works site, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, with in Ship, Cruiser, with in Vehicles, Houses to Shops, Houses to Offices, Shops to Godown etc.

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■  900Mhz ISM Band Wireless Intercom up to 1000 Stations ■ Compactable with our 900Mhz Mobile model ISM1600H3 Wireless Intercom ■ No PBX Box ■ No Central Exchange ■ No Mobile tower required ■ No SIM Card ■ No Subscription ■  No Rental ■ No any Wire ■ Long Range 300m ~ 1Km ■ 4Km with YAGI Antenna ■ Encrypted Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology ■ Super Anti-Jamming Capability ■ Full Duplex communication ■ Key Tone, Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone facility for easy use ■ Broadcasting Facility ■ Paging facility for direct announcement ■ Selectable Ring Tone ■ Light weight phone ■ World wide universal mini USB adapter usable  ■ High Quality Electronic Circuit ■ 3.7V / 1000mAh Battery  ■ One Year Warrantee ■ Door Phone model also Available

ISM1600H4 Range 70~400m. Each Intercom Price: Rs 3,850.00 / USD 72.00
ISM1600H4A Range 100~1000m. Each Intercom Price Rs 4,999.00 / USD 90.00  Buy now

And Also we have Power line based wireless Intercom system as below

 Multi Channel Intercom systems M16:

You can dial and communicate between all extensions up to 16 intercoms. Each of the intercoms have two digits number like 11, 12, 13 etc. For using lift hand set, hear the dial tone and then dial required intercom number, then dialed intercom will ring and you can hear the ring back tone, when the person lift the hand set you can communicate. Each intercoms are using different frequency and deferent security code with frequency multiplexing technology. So you can communicate 8 pairs at a time without cross taking or mingling. Also transfer telephone call with dialing facility (optional). Range up to 200m without any cabling on same electrical phase, range up to 2KM on separate single pair parallel cabling. If you are in different phase, you can use our 900Mhz wireless intercom system. or Single core wired Intercom.

Power line  communication Intercom Features:
● FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD !! ● Fully digital wireless Operation ● Works on 110V or 230V AC power line ● Up to 16 lines ● FM technology ● No Central exchange ● Extension to extension call ● Direct out ward dialing ● Call transfer ● Call pick up ● Extension privacy ● Automatic resetting system ● No site programming ● No programs wash out ● Third party calling indication ● feather touch keypad ● Different channel and ● Different security code ● Both way communication ● Original ring back tone ● Both party ring cut off system ● Light weight hand set ● No mechanical switch (hook switch) ● Simple operation ● Easy Installation

Trouble shooting of Power line Intercom

User Manual download

Ideal for :
 Multistory Building, Apartments, Multistory house, Hotels, Lodges, Houses to Shops, Houses to Offices, Shops to Godown, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, etc.
Price for each one Rs 2350.00, USD 59.00 Place your order

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PABX Wireless Intercom ISM 1600

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Installation of the system is very simple. Just plug intercom into the 100~240V ac outlet in the required places, now the system is ready for communication. you can shift the system as and when, where ever you need, yourself easily. You can also plug our intercom into "DUAL Phase" 220V AC outlet for avoiding phase problem.  Available models: Long range hotline wireless home intercom system, cordless telephone Call transferring intercom, Wireless multi-channel intercom system up to 1000 stations, wireless multi-line EPAX. If you are not in same transformer, we have also single core wire wired intercom systems. More details click on models.

Common Features:

● Wireless Operation ● Intercom through electric power line ● Digital automatic channel selection (no manual switch) ● Works on 90~240V AC Power line ● Different Channel ● Different Security Code ● Long Range (up to 2KM, 6000 ft.) ● Up to 1000 Stations ● Digital wireless intercom FM Technology ● Full duplex Conversation (no push to talk) ● Original Ring Back Tone ● 50~250 Volt SMPS power supply ● One Year Warranty

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